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Do you want to actively enjoy the most famous nature reserves in the Netherlands? Visit Ede! At the Veluwe you can explore heathland, sand drifts, grassy plains and forest by bike, feet and horse. Also visit the Kröller-Müller Museum, relive the military history and taste the regional products in the heart of the FoodValley.

Military history in Ede

Ede played an important role during Operation Market Garden and in the Battle of Arnhem. Not only with the air landings on the Ginkel Heath but also in the aerial battles. The largest German airport in the Netherlands, Fliegerhorst Deelen, was situated in Ede and it was from here that the Germans fought the allies. 

The Second World War left remnants in many places in Ede. Barracks, battlefields and airports can still be visited and tell the story of the war and subsequent liberation. Every year events are organized at these historic sites to commemorate and celebrate freedom.

Reenacting Operation Faust

Have you ever heard about operation Faust?
Shortly after the liberation of the Eastern Netherlands trucks carrying food set out for the still-occupied west of the country. People living in the larger Eastern cities were starving. The Canadian army called this Operation Faust. If Covid-19 regulations allow it this operation will be re-enacted in May 2022 using historical vehicles from the military encampment in Ede. Exceptional historical material can be discovered in the military encampment. 

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Commemoration Battle of Otterlo

One of the last battles in the Netherlands was the Battle of Otterlo. The town located in the Veluwe was caught between Canadians heading west and Germans who wanted to lead their last troops to safety behind the Grebbe Line. Due to poor communication, an unexpected attack followed and took place during the night of the 16th of April 1945. If Covid-19 regulations allow it various activities will take place in Otterlo in March and April, 2022 to commemorate this battle and its liberation. 

Shelter Kröller Müller Museum

Did you know that the Kröller-Müller Museum's art collection was stored in an air-raid shelter during the war? In 2019 this air-raid shelter was opened to the public for the first time in the history of the museum. This commemorated the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden. And again in 2021 in celebration of the 76th anniversary of freedom; you can visit the air-raid shelter. After that, it is only open for private parties, so take this unique opportunity!

Airdrop Airborne Ginkelse Heide Ede - BezoekEde

Airdrop Airborne Ginkelse Heide Ede - BezoekEde

Airborne Ede

More than 2.000 paratroopers above the 'Ginkelse Heide'.

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Landmark 'Windows on the past'

The windows depict what happened on Ginkel Heath in 1944.