Music in Ede

In for a musical evening? Visit a concert in Ede! From alternative music at Poppodium Astrant to classical music in the Ede Concert Hall and from small bands in the Open Air Theatre to large orchestras in Akoesticum.

Ede Concert Hall

In recent years, Ede's Concert Hall has carved out a place for itself in the classical concert scene, and is starting to gain national and international recognition. The Edesche Concertzaal [Ede Concert Hall] guarantees only the highest musical quality that is recognised nationally and internationally. The musical programme is easily accessible. Both connoisseurs and non-familiar audiences of classical music can choose their concerts. This combination of quality and accessibility makes the Edesche Concertzaal [Ede Concert Hall] a magnet for visitors from the local and regional area as well as from national and international (border) regions.

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Akoesticum Ede

Akoesticum is a training centre for music, dance and theatre with a major cultural goal: talent development and a wide range of further training courses. More than 40,000 people a year are given the opportunity to practise music, dance and theatre in a group environment. Akoesticum connects and encourages encounters between generations, cultures and performing arts disciplines. It brings together musicians, singers, dancers, actors and a wide audience who come to observe or actively participate.

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Open Air Theatre Ede

The Openluchttheater [Open Air Theatre Ede] was built in 1936 and seats 2060 people. The theatre forms the backdrop for a variety of events; from performances, shows, festivals, parades, church services to concerts.

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Poppodium Astrant

Poppodium Astrant is the centre for pop culture in Ede. Pop culture inspires young people, and music unites individuals. Astrant believes that culturally educated young people contribute to a happier, more social and cultural Ede. An inspiring city that binds young people to it. Ede is in need of a wider and more accessible approach to pop culture. The existing programme deserves to be supplemented and expanded, so that young people in their own homes and living environment can come into contact with various expressions of (pop) culture. It is time for a new direction, an innovative counter-movement to bring the current status quo into balance. To create a basis from which young people can develop their taste, creativity and identity.

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Cultura Ede

At Cultura Ede, established artists and up-and-coming talent take to the stage. Here, music is brought closer to the listener, because at Cultura Ede, musician and spectator are in close contact to each other. An unforgettable experience. Transcend the everyday and immerse yourself in the music that sounds so wonderful at Cultura Ede.

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Huis Kernhem

In the beautiful Huis Kernhem, there are not only art exhibitions on Sundays, but also several concerts. The wedding hall is transformed into an intimate concert hall especially for these concerts. During the coffee concerts - every second or third Sunday of the month - you can enjoy both professional musicians and promising young talents. Every first Sunday of the month, there is an atmospheric jazz concert.

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