Horse riding in Ede

The varied scenery around Ede is perfect for going out on horseback. There is a large network of bridle paths with good starting locations and spacious parking places. A ride or riding holiday is complete with one of the horse-friendly accommodations or catering establishments.

The bridle paths around Ede are situated on the Veluwe and are owned by the municipality of Ede, the Forestry Commission, Defence, Gelderland Landscape and Castles, Nature Monuments, Lunteren Neighbourhood Forest Foundation and private estate owners.

Plan your route

In the municipality of Ede there are almost 200 km of bridleways. With the route planner from Visit Veluwe you can plan a nice ride yourself. Simply select a route point to start and then decide how you want to continue. 

  • Explore The Hoge Veluwe National Park on horseback

    The Hoge Veluwe National Park has no less than 45 kilometres of bridle paths. The bridle paths are marked by posts with a horseshoe. It is also possible to ride with a carriage in the Park. 

    Explore The Hoge Veluwe National Park on horseback Met paard op de Hoge Veluwe - BezoekEde
  • Horse-friendly locations

    With almost 200 km of riding trails, you can ride for days on end. Horses and riders are therefore welcome at various tethering and accommodation locations.

  • Horseback riding on the Ginkel Heath

    A day tour of 25 km is available at the Ginkel Heath near Ede and Otterlo. Here are wide sandy paths (suitable for hitching), as well as a nice winding path.

    Horseback riding on the Ginkel Heath

Starting locations bridleways

The starting locations of equestrian routes are spread throughout the area. Do you want to start your ride from a certain location in the area? Then choose a route based on one of the starting locations.

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