Wildlife and walking in Ede

With an area of no less than 32,000 hectares and the most diverse nature conservation areas in the Netherlands, Ede is a great place to walk and spot wildlife. Walk across heathland, sand drifts, grassy plains and through the forest.

Set off with a route or guide and explore Ede with a Klompenpad [Clog path], Historic Walking Route, wildlife excursion or walking route.

Spot the Big Five

Autumn is the perfect time to spot the Big Five in Gelderland. Go out with the forest ranger and look for red deer, roe deer, boars, foxes and mouflons. The rutting season in September is a spectacle and the belling of the stags is definitely something to witness. Special excursions are organised during the rutting season. You should also walk to a wildlife observation post, as the chances of spotting wildlife here are greater. These are beautiful places in the middle of the natural environment where you can take a break and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Het Nationale Park de Hoge Veluwe - kinderactiviteiten in Ede - BezoekEde

Walking in The Hoge Veluwe

There are many ways to walk in The Hoge Veluwe National Park. You can choose your own route, follow a signposted route or take part in long-distance routes and themed walks.

The Veluwe Nature Centre on the Ederheide is a great starting point for excursions and walks in the natural surroundings. The foundation organises walking activities all year round, including stag walks, game hunting, tracker hunts, early bird walks, walks between forest and heathland, bat walks and mushroom walks.

Enjoyment without hindrance in Ede

The Veluwe consists largely of sandy soil and heathland. This makes the area less accessible in some places. The municipality of Ede has therefore created a number of paved walking routes. These paths are paved with granite grit, a natural product that is not harmful to the forests and is pleasant to traverse for wheelchairs and scooters.

On the road with the forester!

A good way to spot wildlife in Ede? Go on a trip with the forester to the Wildkansel (lookout post). Here you have a beautiful view of a field and forest. Chances are that you will see a herd of deer grazing there and that the mother boars with boarlets will frolic by.

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Historic landscapes 

Ede occupies a special place when it comes to military history. There are barracks, locations from the 1st World War and of course the 2nd World War with the airborne landings on the Ginkel Heath. Walk through the landscape and discover the extraordinary history.

Clog paths!

The Clog paths guarantee the most beautiful walks in the Veluwe region. There is plenty to discover and experience when you walk across country estates, restored historical paths and through farmland. Enjoy the tranquillity, the compact scale of the area and the combination of culture and nature during a Clog Paths walk.


Tips for spotting wildlife:

  1. Do not go in large groups and move around as little as possible.
  2. Wear clothes in natural colours, for example green, black and brown in a forest area.
  3. Do not use perfume and perfumed deodorant. Animals smell this and therefore stay at a distance.
  4. Take the wind into account. When there is a headwind, animals do not smell the presence of people. 
  5. Do not feed game. Feeding robs the animals of their natural timidity.
  6. Binoculars make game viewing easier. Make sure that the sunlight does not reflect in the lenses of the binoculars.
  7. Put on a cap to cover your head.
  8. Observe the rules and information boards when entering wildlife observation areas and rest areas.

Autumn walks in Ede

The autumn months make the landscape of Ede even more beautiful. The trees change colour and give the landscape a golden glow. The temperature is pleasant, mushrooms are popping up and the wildlife is abundant.

Game on the menu

Golden forests, endless autumn walks, a crackling fire and a delicious stew or venison roast... Autumn is the time for game. Many restaurants have a wide variety of game on the menu during this period, and several game fairs are also held.

Our tips on eating game in Ede