Belling stags in Ede

The belling of the deer is a true spectacle in September and October. For game and nature lovers, and for photographers, this is a special moment every year. The stags try to impress the does and this is accompanied by a great deal of show and noise. The belling of the stags echoes through the woods and fierce fights can sometimes break out over the remaining does. Various nature reserves in Ede offer a beautiful backdrop for this spectacle. 

What is the rut?

The rut takes place at the end of the summer. The Red stags go in search of a partner. This is the mating season, also called the rut. During this period, the stags make their call, belling, and they compete for does in different ways. Through dramatic physical fighting (rutting) and the belling call, together this creates an impressive scene. 

The belling of the male deer echoes through the woods and fierce fighting for the possession of does can sometimes take place.

Game Cam Hoge Veluwe

Watch via the live camera of The Hoge Veluwe National Park. Who knows, maybe there are belling deer in the picture or maybe there is other game to be spotted?

Wildcam Het Nationale Park De Hoge Veluwe
  • Wildcam Het Nationale Park De Hoge Veluwe

Belling deer in the Deeler Forest

In the Deeler Forest, you will find vast woodlands and endless heaths in a rolling landscape. It is a beautiful area for walking and it is often peaceful. This is a good sign, because it increases the chances of spotting Fallow Deer and Red Deer. 

Please note: during the rut of the Red Deer, access to some forest and heathland paths in the Deeler Forest is restricted.