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Military Heritage

Military personnel and the Veluwe have been inseparable for at least one hundred and fifty years. Go...

(38.0 km)
MTB route for children

The route has special signage for children. It gives children the opportunity to mountain bike in a fun...

30 minutes (4.5 km)
Ede drop zone

This route takes you past monuments commemorating, and information panels with stories about, events...

(8.0 km)
airborne region
The fight for the Veluwe

After five years of occupation, the Netherlands was liberated in 1945. A lot happened in the Veluwe during...

(62.0 km)
to go veluwe 2019
Liberation Route Arnhem

There was a lot of fighting in the Arnhem-Wageningen area during the Second World War. The failed Allied...

(42.0 km)
to go veluwe 2019
Experience Route

Here, you are invited to touch, smell, see, and listen to all you encounter. Fun for people of all ages.

30 minutes (1.0 km)