Military walking route: Tour of the center

1.1 km
20 minutes

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This city walk will help you get an idea of what Ede was like in WWII and how it has changed since then. Information panels along the route bring history to life.

In the Notaris Fischerstraat you will find the old Fischers House, now the home of the famous art dealership Simonis and Buunk. The Old Reformed Church has been preserved in its glory and is beautifully and colorfully illuminated in the evenings. On the corner of Molenstraat/Telefoonweg is the Concordia tower mill, dating from 1865, which runs and is open on Mondays and Saturdays. On those days there is also a weekly market on the Markt on Molenstraat. A beautiful square with playground equipment, benches and varied plants. And where the 'sprayers' provide a lot of sparkling cheerfulness when the weather is nice.

The Mausoleum (corner Vossenakker, Arnhemseweg) on the Paasberg in Ede is an honorary cemetery for fallen resistance members from the Second World War located in a park with spacious lawns.  

Military stories on the go

During this route you will walk past the following military stories:  

13 | Fire in Ede Town Hall
14 | Theft of bells from the Oude Kerk (Old Church) of Ede
16 | General Hackett in hiding in Ede
12 | Education in the town Ede after the war
15 | People in hiding in Molenstraat

Sights on this route

Starting point: Grotestraat 58
End point: Grotestraat 58