October 1944: General Hackett in hiding in Ede

On Monday, 18 September 1944, the second day of Operation Market Garden, the British 4th Parachute Brigade landed on Ginkel Heath. The commander of this force was Brigadier Hackett, one of the almost 1,900 paratroopers in the drop. During the fighting in Oosterbeek he was seriously wounded and then taken to Saint Elisabeth Hospital in Arnhem – a hospital in German hands.

On the 18th of September 1944, during the war, General John Hackett landed in Arnhem, with his parachute on the Ginkel Heath. During the Battle of Arnhem, he sustained a severe injury to his abdomen. He found himself at the Arnhem Saint Elisabeth Hospital. In the hospital, Hackett already contemplates escaping. He succeeds. After major surgery, and a large abdominal wound, he finds himself in Ede.

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