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Ede played an important role during Operation Market Garden and in the Battle of Arnhem. Not only with the air landings on the Ginkel Heath but also in the aerial battles. The largest German airport in the Netherlands, Fliegerhorst Deelen, was situated in Ede and it was from here that the Germans fought the allies.

The Second World War left remnants in many places in Ede. Barracks, battlefields and airports can still be visited and tell the story of the war and subsequent liberation. Every year events are organized at these historic sites to commemorate and celebrate freedom.

2.000 Parachutists

In 1944, aircraft dropped more than 2,000 parachutists over Ginkel Heath. During the Airborne Landings and Commemoration in September, we remember the brave warriors who fought for our freedom. 

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Airborne Ginkelse Heide Ede - BezoekEde

Military History in De Smederij (The Forger)

In De Smederij (The Forger) on the former barracks area, you will become acquainted with the military history of Ede. Unique objects, documents and photos tell the story of the garrison town of Ede, where thousands of soldiers in the barracks performed their military service for almost a hundred years. There is also a focus on World War II when the city was part of an important war zone. Would you like to experience history outdoors? Then follow the Battle-field cycle route that leads past historic sites. Alternatively, join the "Operation Pegasus" excursion, which focuses on a spectacular escape operation and the resistance of Ede.

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Museum National Reserve Corps

Do you enjoy military history? Then visit the National Reserve Corps Museum located on the Generaal Winkelmankazerne in Harskamp. Their historical collection of uniforms and objects such as guns and banners gives a beautiful picture of the voluntary military commitment of civilians who protected the Netherlands. These memorabilia depict the centuries-long history of the corps.

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Did you know that the Kröller-Müller Museum's art collection was stored in an air-raid shelter during the war? In honour of the 75th commemoration, Helene Kröller-Müller's air-raid shelter was available to visit in 2020. This is where the works of art in the Kröller-Müller Museum collection were stored to protect them from the war. This air-raid shelter has never been open to the public.

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The story behind the air-raid shelter

Museum Deelen

In this originally German ‘Gefechtsstand’ (Command-post) you can discover the history of the aerial war over the Netherlands and dive into the history of the Deelen airbase from 1900. Models, original films and photos, archaeological objects, military objects, authentic uniforms and personal belongings give a picture of what took place during the Night Watch 1940-1945 and the aerial battle over Gelderland. The Aircraft Topper is a V1 replica, with authentic interior and a functioning control panel.

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Fliegerhorst Deelen

Many traces of the Second World War can be found in the southern part of De Hoge Veluwe National Park: adjacent to Deelen airport. Here, the Germans constructed the Fliegerhorst Deelen airbase.

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