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Wildlife spotting in Ede

Looking for the Big Five of Gelderland? Go on the road with the forester and look for red deer, roe deer, boars, foxes and mouflons. The rutting season in September is spectacular and the belling of the stags is certainly something to behold. Various dedicated excursions are organised during the rutting season. You should also walk to a wildlife observation post, as the chances of spotting game here are very high. These are beautiful places in the middle of nowhere, where you can rest and relax.

Where to go?

The Hoge Veluwe National Park

The Hoge Veluwe National Park is a world-famous nature reserve with more than 5,400 hectares of forest, heathland, grassland and sand drifts. The park is home to red deer, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar, as well as many Red List species (threatened and protected species) such as the pine marten. This can be enjoyed independently, with a guide or during one of the many activities. 

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Het Nationale Park de Hoge Veluwe - Actief op witte fietsen - BezoekEde

Kröller-Müller Museum

Experience a unique combination of art, architecture and nature in the middle of National Park De Hoge Veluwe [The Hoge Veluwe National Park]. This world-famous museum has the second largest Van Gogh collection in the world. You will also find a collection of masterpieces by modern masters such as Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondriaan. The museum's famous sculpture garden has more than 160 sculptures by iconic artists such as Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore, Jean Dubuffet and Joep van Lieshout.

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Kroller Muller - Kinderen bij De aardappeleters Vincent van Gogh, photo_ Wieneke Hofland

Edesche Concert Hall

The Edesche Concertzaal [Edesche Concert Hall] guarantees only the highest musical quality that is recognised nationally and internationally. The musical programme is easily accessible. Both classical professionals and non-professionals can choose their own concerts. This combination of quality and accessibility makes the Edesche Concertzaal [Edesche Concert Hall] a magnet for visitors from local and regional areas as well as national and international (border) regions.

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Middelpunt [Centre Point] of The Netherlands

At Lunteren, on the Goudsberg, lies the geographical heart of the Netherlands. This area has exceptional natural, cultural-historical and geological qualities. Active shifting sands, untouched heathland, Celtic Fields with the reconstruction of an Iron Age farm, medieval ditches and a Hessian road, remnants of 19th century industrialisation, the (communal) Luntersche Neighbourhood Forest with De Koepel viewing tower in the middle and rare flora and fauna form the 'treasures' in this area. Explore the area on foot or by bike. 

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The Veluwe Nature Centre

The Natuurcentrum Veluwe [The Veluwe Nature Centre] is located in a beautiful and versatile area: at the edge of the Ederheide on the agricultural estate "De Hindekamp". The centre is a starting point for excursions and guided tours and offers all kinds of information on nature-oriented activities such as hiking, cycling and visiting our wildlife centre. Around Natuurcentrum Veluwe [The Veluwe Nature Centre], two herds of sheep, the burial mounds and the Belgian Monument are also worth visiting. 

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Deelen Air Base Museum

Vliegbasis Deelen [Deelen Air Base] is located on the east side of the municipality of Ede. It is a former Dutch military auxiliary airfield that was completed just before the First World War. In the Second World War, the airport was thoroughly renovated into a military airfield for the Luftwaffe. With this, Vliegbasis Deelen [Deelen Air Base] became the largest German airport in the Netherlands. In the museum you will find the history of Vliegbasis Deelen [Deelen Air Base] from its establishment to present day. There is particular attention to the air war over the Netherlands in the period 1940 to 1945. All objects such as photographs, documents and uniforms are authentic. 

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Museum Vliegbasis Deelen - BezoekEde

The Clog Paths...

Klompenpaden [The Clog Paths] guarantee the most beautiful walks in the Veluwe region. There is plenty to discover and experience when you walk across country estates, restored historical paths and through farmland. Enjoy the tranquillity, small scale and the combination of culture and nature during a Klompenpaden walk. Ede has no fewer than 11 Klompenpaden, varying in distance from 5.5 to 15 km, it is also possible to shorten them.

The Clog Paths in Ede

The Dutch Tile Museum

Het Nederlands Tegelmuseum [The Dutch Tile Museum] shows the largest and most diverse collection of Dutch wall tiles and tile pictures. Tiles can be seen from various periods, from the late Middle Ages to contemporary ceramics. A remarkable and historically important collection of a distinctive branch of Dutch design.

A tip for children: paint your own tile and/or follow an exciting treasure hunt through the museum.


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Local produce in Ede

Want to get a taste of Ede? You can do so at numerous initiatives where real regional products from Ede are made and sold. At various farms and country shops, you can purchase products directly from the farmer or grower. These are products from the region using organic and traditional cultivation, created with attention to people, animals and the environment, and you can taste that.

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