Local Produce

Want to get a taste of Ede? You can do so at numerous initiatives where real regional products from Ede are made and sold. At various farms and country shops, you can purchase products directly from the farmer or grower. These are products from the region using organic and traditional cultivation, created with attention to people, animals and the environment, and you can taste that.

Eating game in Ede

Autumn is the time for game dishes. Enjoying a crackling fire and a delicious stew or game roast after an autumn walk... Many restaurants and venues have a wide choice of game on their menus during this period, and a number of game fairs are also held.

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Local Produce in Ede

  • Veluwe Asparagus Farm

    In the farm shop of the Veluwe Asparagus Farm, you can buy asparagus from March to the end of June. The shop also offers other seasonal and farm produce.

    Veluwe Asparagus Farm Asperges in Ede Food Valley
  • South-Veluwe vineyard

    Growing on the noise barrier in the Rietkampen district of Ede, you can watch the grapes blossom, grow and ripen from close by.

    South-Veluwe vineyard
  • Park shop

    In the Park shop of The Hoge Veluwe, in addition to delicacies from the area, you can also buy an antler from one of the red deer or even game from the park itself! 

    Park shop
  • The Veluwe Nature Centre

    In the shop of The Veluwe Nature Centre, various regional products are available, from honey to beer and from mustard to sweets. 

    The Veluwe Nature Centre
  • Farm shop Doesburgererf

    A farm shop where you can find freshly farmed eggs, jams, juices from the region, farm cheeses, dairy products, regional beer and much more! 

    Farm shop Doesburgererf Eerlijk eten uit de streek