The cosy village of Lunteren attracts many tourists annually to campsites, bungalow parks and hotels. Residents and visitors enjoy the beautiful wooded landscape. Alongside the museum, the village has a large number of monuments.

In the extensive outskirts of Lunteren lie the hamlets and the other settlements of Meulunteren, De Valk, Overwoud, Nederwoud and Walderveen. It is a village and area to actively discover with different sceneries and a unique story!

Landmarks in Lunteren

© Bosbad Lunteren

Bosbad Lunteren

Outdoor pool, open from the end of April to the end of August.

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De Goudsberg, Middelpunt van Nederland

The geographical centre of the Netherlands.

© Museum Lunteren

Museum Lunteren

Among other things, including the permanent exhibition 'Welkom op de Goudsberg’ [‘Welcome to the Goudsberg']

© Sauna Veluwe

Sauna de Veluwe

Come and completely unwind.

© Pinetum de Dennenhorst

Pinetum de Dennenhorst

This forest is green all year round.

The treasures of De Goudsberg

In the heart of the Netherlands, in the Veluwe near Lunteren, lies De Goudsberg, Middelpunt van Nederland. This unique area tells the story of the creation of our landscape. The highlights in the area are not always immediately visible. Here you will find the largest Celtic Field and the longest Wild Wall of the Netherlands, a Germanic Well, a Hessenweg, a living sand drift, remnants of 19th century sand and gravel extraction, a monumental forest in the shape of an elegant leaf pattern with a tower-like dome in the middle and, of course, the intriguing centre of the Netherlands. Through signposts and corten steel viewers, you can discover the history of the landscape and the Netherlands. Fun for young and old.

© De Goudsberg

Celtic Fields & Iron Age Farm

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Luntersche Buurtbos

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De Hessenhut

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The Large Sand Pit

Wekeromse Zand - BezoekEde

Wekeromse Zand - BezoekEde

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Wekeromse Zand

The Germanic Well

VVV Tourist Information point Lunteren

The VVV Tourist Information Point Lunteren is located in the Read Shop. At the VVV Tourist Information Point you will find information on the best tips and ideas for everything there is to do in the region. From which sights you really have to see, to which shopping streets are worth a visit.


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