Wekerom is mainly known for the Wekeromse Zand. The free-roaming mouflons keep the 500 hectares of sandy area intact. The forester organises guided tours, as well as various walking routes.

Wekeromse Zand

The Wekeromse Zand is a nature reserve of more than 500 hectares located southwest of Wekerom. The Wekeromse Zand consists of woodland, heathland and arable land, as well as a unique area of sand drifts. This is extraordinary, because active, drifting sand is almost non-existent in North-Western Europe. This makes the Wekeromse Zand very significant in terms of geology, ecology and cultural history. Not only that, it is also a versatile area for leisure activities. 

Visit the Wekeromse Zand
Wekeromse Zand - BezoekEde

Watchtower Wekerom

Near the Wekeromse Zand you will find a particular watchtower, situated between Het Nationale Park De Hoge Veluwe and Ede. From the watchtower you can enjoy a spectacular view over the Veluwe and Gelderse Vallei.

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