Walking routes up to 10 km

Looking for a medium-length walk in Ede? Then you can go in plenty of directions. There are many walking routes with a distance of up to 10 kilometres (average of about 1.5 hours).

Walk one of the routes through vast nature reserves, explore the highlights of the Heart of the Netherlands, seek out game, taste and pick local products while walking or explore the area around Saint Hubertus Hunting Lodge in The Hoge Veluwe National Park. In Ede, you will also find a large number of themed routes. Think of routes around Military History and food. 

Highlighted medium walks

  • Game walk Planken Wambuis (8 km)

    Are you looking for peace and quiet and would you like to walk mindfully in nature? Then take this beautiful walk near Planken Wambuis through quiet woods and along plains. And if you walk quietly, you might even come across a roe deer, stag or boar. 

    Planken Wambuis - BezoekEde
  • Walking on the Otterlose Zand (6,4 km)

    This walk takes you along nature reserve De Plijmen, the Otterlose forest and the juniper forest. The route can also be extended to about 10.8 km.

Taste and walk

Doesburgermolen Foodwalk (8 km)

The Doesburgermolenpad in Ede is a dedicated 'Klompenpad Food’ [Food Clog trail]. While hiking a Klompenpad Food [Food Clog trail], you pick all kinds of delicious wild ingredients along the way and buy local produce. You can then cook with them after the walk.

What is a Klompenpad [Clog trails]?

Klompenpaden [Clog trails] guarantee the most beautiful walks on the Veluwe. There is plenty to discover and experience when you walk across country estates, restored historic paths and through farmland. Enjoy the combination of culture and nature, tranquillity and the small scale of the surroundings during a Clog trails walk. Ede has 11 Clog trails. View the Clog trails here.


Circuit of the Noordginkel [North Ginkel] (4,6 km)

Walking over the heathland? Take a walk around Noord-Ginkel! You'll pass the Kreelse Plas [Kreelse Lake], walk over wide sandy paths and particularly in August and September it is particularly beautiful here, thanks to the blooming heather. Vlogger Youri Jongkoen takes you on a tour of North Ginkel with Jochem, forest manager for the municipality of Ede.

The North Ginkel trail consists of a varied area of forest, heathland and agricultural land. Jochem and Youri leave from The Veluwe Nature Centre and visit the Plas van Gent, a fen with a bird-watching hut.

Rondje Noord Ginkel - Op pad in Ede met vlogger Youri Jongkoen - Bezoek Ede
  • Rondje Noord Ginkel - Op pad in Ede met vlogger Youri Jongkoen - Bezoek Ede