Nature reserve Planken Wambuis

Forest, heathland, shifting sands, grassland: you will find it all in the vast Planken Wambuis nature reserve near Ede. Here you can enjoy long bicycle rides or walks. Chances are, you will encounter a wild animal along the way.

The Planken Wambuis nature reserve is located in the municipality of Ede, adjacent to the Ginkel Heath and The Hoge Veluwe National Park. It is a varied area with vast forests, rolling heathland and impressive sandy plains. Every season, this gem is a feast for the senses. The many red deer, wild boars, ponies and Spanish Sayaguesa cattle at Planken Wambuis are also a sight to behold.


Around 700 hectares in Planken Wambuis are reserved for wild animals. Think of boars, Spanish cattle, ponies and roe deer. Would you like to spot them? Near accommodation Boerderij Nieuw Reemst there is a wooden game viewing screen with peepholes. This allows you to watch wild animals unseen. Or take a rest on a bench. During the day, the wildlife viewing screen can be visited free of charge.

Here you can spot even more wildlife


When is the best time to admire the heathland of Planken Wambuis? Around the end of the summer. At that time the heathland is in bloom and the fields turn purple, just like on the Ginkelse Heide. In summer, the meadows and fields near Oud Reemst are a sea of flowers full of blossoming herbs. Many butterflies are drawn to this area!

More heathland in bloom

Views across the nature reserve

For a wonderful view across the open landscape of Planken Wambuis, go to one of the lookout points. Choose Valenberg, De Mossel, Oud Reemst or Nieuw Reemst and enjoy! If you come at dusk, you have a high chance of seeing wild animals.


The Planken Wambuis nature reserve was part of the estate near Rosendael Castle for centuries. The rows of beech trees, hedgerows and ditches in the area date back to that time. During that time, Planken Wambuis was still called Reemsterveld. However, in 1782, a country inn was built there and named Planken Wambuis. Later on, the whole nature reserve was given this name. You can now find the Planken Wambuis restaurant where the Old Inn was previously located.

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Stay overnight in Planken Wambuis

Have you fallen in love with Planken Wambuis just like we did and want to stay a bit longer? You can! You can stay the night amongst the forest, heath and shifting sands. Try the Boerderij Nieuw Reemst holiday home for instance. Or choose EuroParcs De Wije Werelt, a luxury family resort that borders Planken Wambuis and The Hoge Veluwe National Park.