Walking with children

For children, there are plenty of nice walks in Ede. Take, for example, the gnome trails in Hoenderloo, Ede and Bennekom. On these routes, children can join their parents and grandparents in their search for real gnomes, including pointy hats, rosy cheeks and an assignment booklet.

There are also walks through the countryside, where children can climb trees and build huts. Another fun activity is searching for mushrooms, leaves and chestnuts in the forest with the children in autumn. 

Barefoot path Veluwe Nature Centre

For the youngest children, the Veluwe Nature Centre has something fun: a barefoot path. Take off your shoes and wander through nature barefoot. Feel the difference between a floor of wood chips, sand, leaves or pine cones. And children who have not yet finished playing can make their own footprint, or discover whether they can jump as far as a squirrel. 

This is Veluwe Nature Centre

Here you can have a great time. Build the coolest waterways with water from the pump. Or build a cool hut; there are plenty of branches. If you prefer to go up, you can climb a tree!

Searching for mushrooms

You see most mushrooms in the autumn, but if you look hard you can find them all year round. There are only a few if it is dry or frosty for a long time. There are more than 4000 different species of mushrooms in the Netherlands. Not all mushrooms have a stalk, a cap and gills. They come in all shapes and sizes, such as spheres or Turkey Tails. Will you join us looking for mushrooms in nature?

OERRR: on an adventure in nature!

OERRR is Natuurmonumenten's youth programme that inspires children to go on adventures in nature. This can be in the garden, on the street, in the park, as well as in nature reserves and forests. For children from 0 to 12 years of age, there is much to experience. In Ede, you will find natural playground 'het Mosselse Zand' at Europarcs de Wije Werelt in Otterlo.

And a pancake for dessert...

Where better to start or end a walk than at a pancake restaurant? Most pancake restaurants in Ede are close to a scenic route and are therefore the perfect starting or ending point for a walk. Extra fun; some restaurants have a nice playground, so the parents can enjoy a seat on the terrace. 

Eat your pancakes here!