Long distance walking routes

Looking for a long-distance walk? The natural surroundings in and around Ede offer a lot of beauty. You can only really discover all that beauty on foot. Do you want to see as much as possible of the surroundings of Ede? Then there is nothing better than a long-distance walk (LAW).

Active walkers will find the most beautiful long-distance walks and routes that allow you to walk extensively through nature on this page. 

In Ede you will find 2 LAW routes, 13 Trage Tochten [Slow Paced Routes] and 11 clog paths!

Trage Tochten in Ede

In addition to LAW routes, the municipality of Ede also has a number of Trage Tochten [Slow Paced Routes]. These are nature walks that go over unpaved paths for at least 70% and that also go over parts of cycle paths as little as possible. In addition, the Trage Tochten offer a varied landscape, for example a mix of farmland and nature, and are easily accessible by public transport. Most routes also offer rest stops along the way in the form of restaurants or benches.

The name Trage Tochten means that you can take your time, escape the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy the landscape. 

  • Trage Tocht Wekeromse Zand (12km)

    The Wekeromse Zand lends itself perfectly to a walk on unpaved paths. View the route, places of interest along the way and intermediate stops here (in Dutch)

    Trage Tocht Wekeromse Zand (12km)
  • Trage Tocht Deelerwoud (16 km)

    Walk through the rolling woodland and heathland of the Deelerwoud. The vast landscape is home to animals such as red deer and Scottish Highland cows.

    Trage Tocht Deelerwoud (16 km)
  • Trage Tocht Lunters Buurtbos (18 km)

    A varied hike in the direction of the Goudsberg. Walk past watchtower De Koepel, the Celtic Fields, the Wekeromse Zand and as a highlight, het Middelpunt van Nederland.

    Trage Tocht Lunters Buurtbos (18 km)

Highlighted LAW routes

  • Trage Tocht Sysselt (12 km)

    This Trage Tocht takes you along the Sysselt, the Ederheide and Landgoed Kernhem. The route starts at the centre of Ede. You will discover the varied deciduous forest and a lookout point. View the route in Dutch.

    Trage Tocht Sysselt (12 km)
  • Veluwe Zwerfpad Hoenderloo Otterlo (13 km)

    This second stage of the Veluwe Zwerfpad has its starting and finishing points inside the fences of The Hoge Veluwe National Park. View the route in Dutch here.

    Veluwe Zwerfpad Hoenderloo Otterlo (13 km)

Walking in the nature reserves

Extensive nature, wildlife watching, heathland, sand dunes and more. You will find it all in and around Ede. The various nature reserves are perfect for walking. 

View all nature reserves
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What is a long-distance walk?

A Long Distance Walk (LAW) is a walking route of at least 150 kilometres. All LAWs are signposted in both directions with white and red markings. The long-distance walks are divided into different stages that you can walk one after the other or in different parts.