September 1944: De Harscamp model farm, owned by the Kröller-Müller family

The Battle of Arnhem ended in defeat. The Allies progressed no further than the Betuwe region, and the Rhine now became the front line in the area between Arnhem and Rhenen. To the south of the river were the Allies, and on the north bank the Germans. During the fighting and also during the following period, the Germans ordered the civilian population to evacuate ever larger areas along the Rhine. Ultimately, the entire southern Veluwezoom region had to be evacuated.

The Harskamp song goes like this

Hier zond ons God
Vinden we ons lot
En ook zijn Hand
Voert ons terug naar de Veluwerand

Here God sent us, Do we find our destiny, And also his Hand, Leads us back to the Veluwerand

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