October 1944: The evacuation of Bennekom

After September 1944, the Germans set up ever more positions in Bennekom. They also blew up several buildings in order to obtain a better field of fire. Several civilians were killed in the village by Allied artillery fire from the Betuwe area. 

Driekus 'Flip' van de Pol (27 years)

Under the pseudonym 'Flip', he led a resistance group. After the lost Battle of Arnhem in September 1944, he was closely involved in the shelter of hundreds of airborne soldiers who were left behind. They need refuge and a safe hiding place in and around Ede. Flip is involved day and night. Mid October it is clear that the Tommies have to leave and the Ede resistance organises a major escape, Operation Pegasus. This is planned to be executed during the night of the 23rd of October. 

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