March 1945: fatal weapons drop on the ‘Keuenklep’

The resistance groups in the municipality of Ede were short of weapons in early 1945. Through the radio-connection of a secret agent, they request them in England. After a successful drop on the Keuenklep on the 2nd of March, a second drop followed a week later at the same location. Several groups from the Edese resistance took part in this arms drop. 

On the 8th of March, the people of the resistance gather at the granary around 7:30 p.m., it slowly becomes dark, and three hours later they adopt their position at the dropping field. Then they hear the bomber. The bomber first flies over the Keuenklep and sees the arranged lights: red-white-red, indicating the direction of the wind. With a second white light, the code letter 'G' is signalled in Morse, to show the name of the dropping site. The aircraft makes a turn, and at the second crossing, it flies perpendicular to the wind direction. The dropped objects, fourteen containers and five packages drift off to the southern edge of the forest. The resistance fighters struggle to find and salvage them in the dark. They bring only some of the dropped belongings to safety by horse and cart.

German Fall
Once the surveillance team of the resistance has left, the others go home. Earlier in the evening, the Germans see all the resistance fighters on their bikes, on their way to the drop site, they sense danger and send out extra patrols. Several resistance groups are trapped, and on the Hessen Road, fourteen men are captured and taken to Wormshoef the next morning. Their horrific interrogations await them. The Germans discover the Keuenklep the next morning and find parachutes and containers suspended in the trees. Later that week even more Ede resistance fighters are arrested, and all of the interrogations take place in the Wormshoef and the Eekhorst in Lunteren. After a week of deprivation, seventeen men from Ede end up on death row in Camp Amersfoort. On the 20th of March, they are executed in retaliation in Amersfoort and Loosdrecht. These men are buried in the Mausoleum in Ede.

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