1940 - 1945: Farm Wester Wetering serves as the Headquarters for the Resistance of Ede.

For the Farm Wester Watering, the war begins dramatically, the initial days in the war, after the 10th of May 1940, this farm burns down due to arson. After the capitulation on the 15th of May, the damage to this region from the war was extensive. The 'Agency for the Reconstruction of Farms' was set up, with the intention of rebuilding the hundreds of destroyed farms.

The façade of the rebuild Wester Wetering is decorated with a lion head. However, the lion is without a crown or arrows. The Royal Family has fled to England, and the Netherlands no longer has an army.​

Max 1
Aart Melis Jochemsen's family lives on the Wester Wetering Farm. In 1943, the first person to go into hiding was given refuge here. Aart became involved in the resistance, and he was given the pseudonym 'Max 1'. His farm became the location for the resistance, especially as two American Kites were housed there as well. During the beginning of October 1944, the farm became the headquarters of the Internal Armed Forces in Ede, at that time they were inundated with British airborne men, who were hiding all over the area after the Battle of Arnhem..

Pegasus 2
On the 20th of October, the Dutch Lieutenant Abraham Du Bois arrives at the Wester Wetering Farm. He works for the British Special Air Service (SAS) and is tasked with collecting and returning the airborne soldiers. His pseudonym is 'Martien'. There is a lot of discussion on the farm, documents are forged, weapons are stored, and the whole escape operation, Operation Pegasus II is prepared here. Not only does this operation fail during the night of the 17th and 18th of November 1944, but more goes wrong. The leader of the West Veluwe Resistance is arrested and in the documents of 'Piet de Veluwe' the German Security Service finds information about the Ede Resistance. Raids follow in several places and, resistance fighters are arrested. After the 18th of November, the entire elite in the Ede Resistance went into hiding. Six days later, the Jochemsen family also leaves the new farm. The assistants Jan and Adriaan keep the farm running.

At the end of November, two men in leather jackets enter the farmyard. They are two notorious Security Service Officers, and they ask for Martien. The assistants say that he is not there. The Security Service Officers inform that they will be back the next day at 4 p.m., they have important information for Martien. In the evening, the assistants tell Du Bois.

Is this all a setup?
The next afternoon, Adriaan will be working across the road. When he walks back, he sees a couple of cars 100 metres in front of the farm. On the opposite side, there are parked cars. Two men cycle into the yard, and Du Bois arrives around the corner. Both parties are scared. The men jump off their bicycles and threaten Du Bois with their weapons. In the meantime, Adriaan walks into the yard, when the men hear his clogs they turn around. Du Bois leaves immediately. The cars have been driven into the farm, and several men fire at the secret agent. They shoot him twice in his ankle.

Using a ladder, they carry Du Bois out of the meadow where he ran towards. Adriaan stands with his hands up against the wall; he is interrogated, threatened, and beaten.The same happens to Jan. They are both taken to Workshoef in Lunderen. They are released a few weeks later. Du Bois was taken to Velp and executed later on the 8th of March, at the Woeste Hoeve.

And the farm? The Wester Wetering was once again set alight on the 31st of December 1944, as a warning to the resistance. After the war, it was rebuilt for a second time.

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