1940 - 1945: De Scheleberg

The Scheleberg hill is situated to the east of Lunteren. It is an offshoot of the Veluwe hills and is over forty metres high. In 1930s the construction of a complex began where about 400 children could spend their holidays. ‚Äč

During the May Days of 1940, approximately 25 families from Lunteren fled their homes after shelling from the Dutch lines. They are injured and find shelter in the holiday complex that will be closed on the 20th of May. The Dutch Labor Service uses this building. The National Socialist Women's Organisation raised women and girls here. In 1942, they established The National Socialist Movement Framework Training College and the National Socialist Training School.

German Air Force
On the 20th of March 1945, Rijk Jan Ploeg rode his horse and wagon up the driveway of the Scheleberg. He lives nearby, on the Hessen Road, and he supplies food to the German Air Force parachute unit. He hears gunshots and notices some Germans heading for the Wekeromse Zand. One of them has a rifle, and two people are lying on the ground. Ploeg drives on and delivers his cargo to the back of the building. Curiously, he looks around the corner and sees the Germans dragging the two bodies into the forest, and then burying them. He keeps his mouth shut. He is afraid that the Germans will see him and do something to him as he is an eyewitness.

After the liberation in April 1945, Ploeg tells its story to the Internal Armed Forces. On the 24th of April, two bodies with bashed skulls and gunshot wounds to the chest were found at the site that he described; 23-year-old Arie van Es and 29-year-old Willem Vliegenthart. During a raid in Benschop, they were arrested and brought to Utrecht on the 17th of March 1945. From there they continued on foot to Amersfoort, where they were put on a train to Apeldoorn. Here, an allied fighter plane attacks the train and it is unable to go any further. Van Es and Vliegenthart run away, into the woods. At the Scheleberg they fall back into the hands of the Germans, who shoot them dead with no mercy on the 20th of March 1945. Less than a month later Lunteren is liberated, after which the house is temporarily occupied by the Canadians.

Present time: De Scheleberg

Landgoed de Scheleberg is located in the forests of Lunteren in the middle of the Veluwe. Here, you can completely relax in one of our comfortable holiday homes or villas. From the park, there are various cycling and walking routes through the surrounding area, the Hoge Veluwe National Park and nearby towns and villages are definitely worth a visit.

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