1940 - 1945: Café De Waldhoorn during the war years

The first years of the war passed relatively quietly in Otterlo. Some German soldiers were stationed in the village, but tensions only rose when the Germans carried out raids. The purpose of these was to requisition horses and bicycles, but also to arrest people whom the Germans would use as forced labour for building fortifications or assisting with food supplies.

Present time: Café de Waldhoorn

De Waldhoorn in Otterlo is near National Park De Hoge Veluwe. For over 200 years De Waldhoorn has been a hospitable farm. What began as a stopping place for travelers developed into an all-round meeting point for lovers of nature and culture. On our terrace people meet to enjoy the morning sun before they go for a long walk or bike ride, or they come in after an energetic day to relax and have dinner in our cozy restaurant.

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