Doesburger Mill

Mill or Pumping station

In the beginning of the 18th century, Evert Gerritsen van Gelder acquired a share in the Doesburger mill. After his death his widow married Jan Danielsen Muller. Jan manages to buy all the others shares in the mill, and when he died in 1785, he was the sole owner of the mill. After his death in 1785, his heirs were Annetje Hermens (probably the sister of his wife Derkje Hermens) and her husband Hermen Teunissen, who afterwards used the surname Tijsseling.

The Tijsseling family owned the mill until 1857, when they sold it. They have left several marks in the mill, dating from 1799 to 1840.

In the 1860's the brothers Hermanus and Anthony Tijsseling emigrated to the United States of America. Nowadays several of their descendants visit the ancestral mill, including the Vanderhaar family, who proved to have original miller's blood in their veins: